Celebration of Trees in Art

Continuing the natural theme of the previous blog, the Beaux Arts Gallery in Mayfair has an exhibition closing this week which celebrates one of our most important natural assets – trees.  They shape our landscape, yet we take them for granted until a great natural or other disaster destroys astonishing numbers of them.  We use them everywhere, from paper to buildings and ships.  This exhibition shows works by 4 artists which celebrate the sheer variety of our trees.

Anna Gillespie’s sculptures integrate bronze casts of human figures with wood, acorns and roots to explore man’s intimate and historic relationship with trees.  Sarah Gillsepie uses charcoal and ink to focus in on the finer details that the human eye often misses.  Stephanie Carlton Smith shows trees integrated in glass sculptures while Marilène Oliver’s photographs highlight the beautiful form and structure of plants

  • Trees - Anna Gillespie 1
  • Trees - Carlton Smith 1
  • Trees - Carlton Smith 2
  • Trees - Marilène Oliver 1

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