Chelsea Fringe at Battersea Power Station

Along the riverside at Ballersea, where eventually you will be able to walk from Vauxhall to Battersea Park once the transformation of this part of London is complete, there is a “pop-up park”, a temporary garden for the “Chelsea Fringe” –  an alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show, which is gathering pace across London.   Open only at weekends until September, if you can find the signage *which I didn’t the first time I tried, the floral aspect was rather weak, but the main attraction was the old Battersea Power Station, grant and majestic, even when derelict.  It is great to see this and other aspects of the river frontage at close quarters.  I hope they will do more to encourage tours and visits as new life is breathed into this cathedral of industry.

  • Battersea 1
  • Battersea 2
  • Battersea 3
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