Colour and Geometry – David Whitaker

Finishing this week at Rebecca Hossack in London is the second retrospective exhibition of David Whitaker, who sadly died unexpectedly in 2007.

David was born in Blackpool in 1938 and had a long career, through which time his abstract work developed into the brilliant geometrical and vibrant watercolours and oils, incredibly detailed at times, that he was creating towards the end of his life.  Sadly, although collected in the UK and the USA, he never received the recognition his work deserved.

Kate Tiernan wrote in Studio International

“The paintings appear to pulse with light, radiating a symphony of colours that are joyfully uplifting, dazzling the eyes and comforting the soul. Whitaker was a master at creating emotive depth and meaning with colour, inspired by Leonardo, Goethe and Ruskin”.

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