Fashion and Status in Tudor and Stuart times

After visiting the State Rooms and Coronation exhibition, visitors could do no worse than going to see the current exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery.  Somehow many people miss it, perhaps because its subject appears unexciting, but it has had stunning reviews – by Richard Dorment in the Telegraph and, most unusually, from Brian Sewell in the Evening Standard who says:

“Do not dismiss this exhibition as a treat for members of the Women’s Institute; packed with information, it is an exhibition of high seriousness, but of amusement too, and its highlights are paintings of great beauty,”

The theme is the role that fashion and jewellery played in establishing status, in a world far removed from the 21st century where status is raised by modelling underwear, with as little on as possible.

What makes the exhibition however is the quality of the artists and the works on display representing the best of the era, often under the patronage of royalty and whose role was, like modern fashion photographers, to also reinforce status.

Queen's Gallery

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