From Death to Death and other small tales in Edinburgh

Just caught it before it closes this week, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art yet again has a show of international quality with this gem of an exhibition which puts together about fifty works from a private collection of a wealthy Greek collector, with a similar number of major works from its own collection. It works extremely well: the two collections compliment each other and in this exhibition it is the sculpture (if you can call it that in the traditional sense)  and the installations by the likes of the Brazilian artist Ernesto Netto and the American artist Matthew Barney, the latter with its surreal soundtrack of Scottish bagpipes, that really provide the highlights.  This nicely compliments the sculpture in the park outside, mainly by British artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, whose studio contents are across the road in the other building of the Gallery.


  • SNGMA Beuys 2
  • SNGMA Chadwick
  • SNGMA Duchamp
  • SNGMA Gober 2
  • SNGMA Gober
  • SNGMA Gormley
  • SNGMA Kelly
  • SNGMA Ketridge
  • SNGMA Netto
  • SNGMA Paolozzi
  • SNGMA Smith
  • SNGMA Whiteread

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