Lowry at the Tate – too sombre

A large exhibition at Tate Britain, but sadly it was not completely representational.  As Brian Sewell in his review in the Evening Standard commented, a suggestion that he was on par with the best French artists of his day is a little overdone, and this appears to have influenced the selection of paintings.  While all his work is sombre, he did lighten up on occasions as his VE Celebrations shows.  There are plenty of pictures of Lancashire mills and of Wales, but where are the ones of the shipyards in Scotland.  None on display, so I have included some Scottish pictures here.  After a while the stark white landscape and the black men set against exaggerated vertical towers and chimneys becomes too repetitive; he did break out of it occasionally – Given that his career lasted 50 years, it would have been good to see more of his innovative and colourful work where he broke out of his mould.

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  • Glasgow Docks, 1949 (oil on board)
  • Lowry - Glasgow Docks
  • tate4
  • Lowry - The Mill
  • Lowry - The Fair at Daisy Nook
  • (c) Ms Carol Ann Lowry/DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
  • Lowry - The Tower (Glasgow)
  • Lowry - Town Centre
  • Lowry - VE Celebrations

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