Our fascination with derelict buildings

Buildings are like people – they are born, they develop, they age and they die.  Photographers love buildings when they are new, often before people have even inhabited them; photographers often also like them when they are in decline. A sad reflection of the changing industrial landscape is the impact on the historic and forgotten buildings of Detroit recorded through the photography of David Kohrman.  An exhibition at the Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, Lancashire from November 14 “Partners in Grime” adds an additional creepy human dimension by film-maker and visual effects artist David Broad, and his partner Julie Kendall who claim to be “urban explorers”, investigating grand abandoned buildings and bringing the fantastic architecture and hidden stories back into the open.

Their website on abandoned asylums has achieved an astonishing number of hits, over 36 million in February, so they have obviously hit something that resonates with people.


Partners in Grime

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