Over 20 million people watched the Coronation on TV in 1953

A visit to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace is more worthwhile than normal this year as they have pulled out the stops for a stunning exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of HM the Queen. The first room reminds us that this was innovative in the world of television with millions of people watching in black and white on their new clunky sets full of glowing valves.  How the world has moved on the last 6o years!

After a film of highlights of the Coronation Service, there is a stunning exhibition showing the robes, clothes, jewellery and other significant items relating to the Coronation, including those of the young Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

The exhibition continues elsewhere with photographs and videos in other rooms and then a dinner setting recreating the Coronation banquets with flowers having a distinctly 1950′s feel to the colouring.

By far the best reviews in the press are those of the Telegraph who were also allowed to go “behind the scenes” for an exclusive report and to whom I must acknowledge the photographs

  • Coronation Book
  • Coronation diadem
  • Coronation Dinner
  • Coronation dress and robe
  • Coronation robes and dress
  • Coronationr robes and dress

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