The lost art and etiquette of napkin folding

At Waddeson Manor is an unique exhibition, interspersed across the historic rooms, of the lost art of napkin folding which originated in Europe some 500 years ago.  Joan Sallas has researched and become an expert in this unique art and has created a rich variety of beautiful artworks.  The tradition continues in a small way in Latin American countries where the maids in the hotel bedrooms often leave birds and animals from flannels on the beds.   The work is truly astonishing, especially the centrepieces on the dining tables.  There is a whole science of etiquette and status that runs alongside these, lost in this modern age of paper napkins.

  • Sallas 1
  • Sallas 2
  • Sallas 3
  • Sallas 4
  • Sallas 5
  • Sallas 6
  • Sallas 7
  • Sallas 8
  • Sallas 9
  • Sallas 10
  • Sallas 11
  • Sallas 12

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