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  1. Judith Jones
    Judith Jones 07/08/2018 at 11:25 | | Reply

    As a 22 year old from Brisbane, Australia, in 1966, I worked in the Membership Department of this beautiful building, for two years. I was captivated by the beauty of the building, inside and outside, and felt so privileged to be working in such a magnificent place. It was such a thrill to sneak through the back door of the Savoy Hotel next door!! At lunchtime it was usual to climb the stairs of the nearby Waterloo Bridge and walk across the river to the Royal Festival Hall for coffee at lunch time. Tonight I decided to try and find some fotos of the building, particularly the interiors, and anyone would understand the shock of discovering that the IEE no longer exists, and neither does the interior of the building of my day,..it remains no more. Now I am an ageing old biddy of 73, back in my home town of Brisbane, wandering down Memory Lane, only to find so many changes in the London of that time…including my beloved IEE.

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