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  1. As delicate as pen-strokes, Knopp Ferro’s thin wires create sculptural performances at Maddox Arts in London.

    […] Alexander Calder used slender metal wires to connect his bold shapes together; in the work of Knopp Ferro it is the thin wires themselves that define the sculptural forms, defy gravity and create the interactions and movements with the delicacy of pen-strokes, floating in air as mobiles or projecting, quivering, from the walls and, sometimes, within simple deep boxes which frame them just like the stage of a theatre frames the dancers.   […]

  2. Symphonies of White: Tara Donovan’s Compositions at PACE London

    […] she has developed in her work using such things as straws, pins, cups and twist ties as seen in her cloud shown at the Alexander Calder prize exhibition at PACE  in […]

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