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  1. British enterprise between London and the USA: The Lisson Gallery in London and New York

    […] light from street facades and from top-lighting.  In New York, the gallery spans underneath the High Line in Chelsea with light cascading down through the roof lights alongside the old railroad […]

  2. Curing your sugar addiction?: Sugatarium by Peter Anton at Unix Gallery, New York

    […] new and different meanings.  SUGATARIUM fills the Unix Gallery in West 24th Street, near to the High Line, in New York and stands out from the amazing variety of art that fills the many galleries in Chelsea. […]

  3. Children’s innocence lost to religion: Gehard Demetz at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York

    […] strong and powerful exhibition in Chelsea near the High Line in New York that raises questions about children and their loss of innocence in the modern world […]

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