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  1. Richard Armiger
    Richard Armiger 11/01/2016 at 14:20 | | Reply

    Dear Ian the architect

    Would you be so kind as to credit my work seen today on your website?

    I am the maker of the Henbury model seen in your first photograph. It was built in the mid-eighties, a time I call my Spitalfields life, for the late great Sebastian de Ferranti – and made alongside models of a polar opposite; namely hi-tech projects for Eva Jiricna and the late Jan Kaplicky.

    Incidentally, I have also built the Queen’s House Model for the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, Le Corbusier’s Villa Stein in the V&A; buildings so often mentioned in connection with Palladio’s influence.

    I’m always puzzled. My work (often uncredited) for Kaplicky, Chipperfield, Foster, Rogers, Hopkins et al, pops up constantly at these institutions – but I’m always the last to know. Funny ol’ world innit.

    Rick Armiger
    Network Modelmakers, London + Piacenza

  2. Richard Armiger
    Richard Armiger 01/02/2016 at 12:30 | | Reply

    I’m very grateful for the credit.

    I thought you’d be interested to hear the news, that that my mentor Sebastian has gifted the Henbury model to the V&A, relayed to me via a third party.

    (‘Questo furto costante, da parte degli inglesi, delle nostre donne, edifici e spazi di parcheggio deve finire. Basta!’ – attributo palladio)

    Rick Armiger

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