What would Leonardo da Vinci have done with 3D Printing?

The 3D Print Show is currently open at the Business Design Centre in London. Is3D printing hype or will it really be a life-changing technology?  If this show is anything to go by, it is the latter.  Imaginative artists, architects, fashion designers are showing how they are using the technology to achieve creative new works.  The medical potential is phenomenal.  The show even displays URBEE, the first car to have its body 3D-printed.   Given that the technology is still relatively new and in many ways limited, it will be fascinating to see how it develops and what can then be achieved with it.

If Leonardo had this technology, he could have created those flying machines and other devices that he drew so wonderfully.

To see more examples from the exhibition, here is the link to the website… from which the illustrations have been taken.

  • 3D - fearless_forms
  • 3D - Foteini-Setaki
  • 3D - Francis_Bitonti
  • 3D - fripp-design
  • 3D - Joshua-Demonte
  • 3D - Joshua-Harker
  • 3D - michael-mcalpine
  • 3D - tobias-klein
  • 3D - URBEE
  • 3D -Softkill-Design
  • 3D-daniel_hilldrup
  • 3D-Printed-Home

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