Ellen Gallagher – AxME at Tate Modern

Ellen Gallagher, one of the most interesting, and in some ways challenging, artists from North America, mixes cultures, advertising and art in a variety of art forms. Starting with her yellow pictures which are almost a development of the childrens’ game of adding different hairstyles/wigs to faces, her last work become more interesting as human hair morphs into natural creatures such as jelly fish.


  • gallagher ecstatic
  • Ellen Gallagher An Experiment of Unusual Opportunity
  • Ellen Gallagher at the Tate
  • Bird in Hand 2006 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965
  • DeLuxe 2004-5 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965
  • Ellen Gallagher IGBT
  • Ellen Gallagher Morphia
  • Ellen Gallagher Oh Suzanna
  • Untitled 1998 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965

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