New visitor centre celebrates 70 years of green energy at Pitlochry

Leading the way, 80% of Scotland’s electricity today is green energy It has been a long journey.

Up on the hillsides above the trees you will see the occasional wind turbine, but down in Pitlochry, seventy years ago, Scotland started on this journey with green energy through the construction of the hydro-electric dam from 1947 to 1951, in the process creating a new loch, Loch Fascally and a famous salmonfish ladder which allows several thousand salmon a year to move up from the river to the lake.

Projecting through the trees, appearing to float above them, alongside the dam is a new addition, a simple geometric visitor centre proving views out, while inside is a new interactive exhibition centre, cafe, toilets and shop.

Designed by BSP Architects, the new building was opened in January 2017, with its exhibition explaining the engineering triumphs of the ‘Tunnel Tigers’ who created this early hydro-electric network and the story of bring electricity to the Highlands, along with many historic electric items from that era – just to make you feel old!

  • Visitor Centre 8
  • Dam 1
  • Dam 2
  • Dam and Visitor Centre
  • Fish staircase
  • Turbine Model
  • Visitor Centre 1 3
  • Visitor Centre 1
  • Visitor Centre 4
  • Visitor Centre 5
  • Visitor Centre 6
  • Visitor Centre 7

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