Scientific enterprise and innovation at the Royal Society

Behind the white-stuccoed walls of the elegant 18th century Carlton House Terrace is hidden a hotbed of research, innovation and enterprise. A couple of weeks ago the British Academy flung open its doors with its annual Summer Showcase; this week it was the turn of the Royal Society and its Summer Science Exhibition with over 20 universities and colleges asking questions about the future, including whether we should communicate with extra-terrestial civilisations, how we can prepare to live on the moon, how mathematics can help predict the success of cancer drugs, how can we change food production to reflect climate change, how can robots work in environments that are too dangerous for humans, how can architects and engineers build skyscrapers from timber, and would you trust autonomous cars? 2019 is the 150th anniversary of Dmitti Mendeleev’s Period Table, so naturally this was celebrated with a question about its relevance today, what elements are used most and how new elements are added. Many of the questions are not about the future, but about science and technology that is here today and how we can respond to it

  • Royal Sciety
  • A Message From Afar
  • Green Light for Chemistry
  • Living on the Moon
  • Megnetic to the Core
  • Robots in the Danger Zone
  • Surface Matters
  • Take a Bite out of Climate Change
  • The Mathematics of Cancer
  • Timber Towers of Tomorrow
  • Trusted Autonomous Vehicles
  • In Your Element

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