One power station yesterday; another one today: Tate Modern 2

Tate Modern 2, the new extension designed by Herzog & de Meuron, architects of Tate Modern 1, starts to take form on Namkside.

“The building will be a model of environmental sustainability, setting new benchmarks for museums and galleries in the UK. It will draw the majority of its heating and cooling energy needs from the waste heat emitted by EDF’s transformers within the adjoining switch station and by tapping into the groundwater resource of the River Terrace Gravels surrounding the building. With high thermal mass, natural ventilation where possible, and employing the stack effect of its vertical form, the new building is predicted to use 54 per cent less energy and generate 44 per cent less carbon than current building regulations demand.”

Alex Beard, Deputy Director, Tate. Modern Extension 11Tate Modern Extension 10Tate Modern Extension 9Tate Modern Extension 8Tate Modern Extension 7Tate Modern Extension 6Tate Modern Extension 5Tate Modern Extension 4Tate Modern Extension 3Tate Modern Extension 2Tate Modern Extension 1Tate Modern Extension 12.JPG

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